• debossed-1

    Debossed Wristbands

    This is our most popular type of wristbands, popularized by the Livestrong wristbands. You message will be debossed inside of the wristbands, creating an inward effect. The text shall be the same color of wristbands, with a slight color change due to the texture of the engraved portion. These would be the most cost-effective option as well.

  • imprinted-1

    Imprinted Wristbands

    This type of wristbands is the ideal option for those that want to make sure that your message stands out very clearly, without spending a lot more than the debossed wristbands. Your message shall be silk screen printed on the wristbands using our permanent ink technology. You have the option as well to choose the color of the imprinted text as well.

  • deboss-fill-1

    Deboss-Fill Wristbands

    The deboss-fill wristbands is the ideal option for those that want to create the best looking wristbands. It is a combination of debossed and printed, where your message shall first be debossed in the wristbands, then manually ink inject filled with whichever color you choose to create a stand-out effect.

  • emboss-color-1

    Embossed Color Wristbands

    This is most special type of text style, where your message will be not only be raised on the wristband, but will also be on your desired color. This creates the best pop out effect, and is the best looking wristband style, but will be the most costly option as well.

  • embossed-2

    Embossed Wristbands

    The embossed wristbands is the opposite of the popular debossed wristbands, where your message is raised on the wristbands instead of being engraved, creating a pop-out effect. Your message should stand out more compared to the debossed wristbands. This is the ideal option to be unique, as not many wristbands are produced with this style.

  • dual-layer-3

    Dual Layer Wristbands

    The two layered wristbands is a special type of imprinting where we will oil spray the outer part of the wristbands with your desired color, while keeping the original debossed portion the same color as the original wristbands. The wristbands will have a glossy texture due to the oil spray, and it will look more unique.